ZionCoin is to provide a protocol for payment systems.

What is ZionCoin?

ZionCoin's design philosophy is to use profit incentive mechanism to construct a fast, low cost, efficient, safe and reliable public blockchain ecosystem which satisfies large-scale daily business needs. These requirements include, but are not limited to, trading and clearance of various types of assets, as well as redundant storage of information.

At the same time, in order to protect the autonomy right of the participants in the ecosystem, ZionCoin adopts the multi-chain architecture design principle of main chain plus parallel subchains, which provides the subchain ecosystem with an independent operating system of asset transactions, clearance and storage. This mechanism not only significantly reduce the systemic risk, but will further improve systemic efficiency.

Learn about The blockchain will have a huge impact on the existing economic society.

What makes ZionCoin so special?

The number of cryptocurrency holders is increasing at a staggering path. Initially orientated towards the opportunity to cheaply and securely transact in a peer-to-peer manner, the cryptocurrency holders now have various types of objectives: means of payment, utility value, store value and speculation. The community keeps on growing but the ecosystem needs the right tools to trigger a wider acceptance into our societies and at different levels e.g. individuals, enterprises, financial institutions, central banks etc.

Key features

The ZionCoin Merchant Ecosystem

The ZionCoin Merchant App is designed to be convenient to plug in for merchants who can accept ZNC powered transactions.

ZionCoin Consensus Protocol

Decentralized Control Anyone is able to participate and no central authority dictates whose approval is required for consensus.

State Machine Replication

In ZionCoin, ledger data are processed in line with SMR model, i.e. the state of State Machine is changed by the Input to produce the Output, where the Input is the transaction, State, the ledger, and Output, the archive.

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Early Support

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  • SAAS - Software as a Service
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